Client engagement done right or done wrong?

Client engagement done right or  done wrong?

What exactly are you looking for from the sales person when shopping for a service?


We have done lots of research to see what clients are looking for when they are making a buying decision whether its clothes, food, appliances, cars, marketing services, house, boat, banking anything really.

It’s actually pretty simple but yet people fall short of many of these traits at work. A first impression matters especially with a quick transaction. You have a bit more time to get to know someone when you're considering a large purchase.

 My top picks to look for when I am spending my money

 Friendly people

 Listening to your needs


 Follow up 




My #1 friendly 

If the person isn't friendly it takes much longer to build a connection.

My #2 listening skills

 If the person isn’t listening to my needs and then doesn't demonstrate it through the conversation and their quote for services, that turns me right off.

Example: It’s like walking into a car dealership telling a sales person you would like a payment of 500.00 per month, no money down,  black or white sporty looking car with black interior. Roomy inside and needs to fit a car seat and a family of 4.

Then they bring you to a brand new red corvette!!!!!! That’s when I say no thanks I am all set and walk away.

This has happened to me way too many times with large purchases and it’s very frustrating!!



7 reasons why  people buy products & services

#1 – People Buy Products Out of Necessity

We buy things because we require them, arguably the most evident rationale for making a purchasing decision.

Asking what needs someone has can make every encounter with a prospect, a customer, a patient, a partnership, or anybody else far more relevant and productive. 

Benefits of Understanding Needs

Asking what needs or pain points someone has can make every encounter with a prospect, a customer, a patient, a partnership, or anybody else far more relevant and productive.

The more closely you link products with needs, the more it will resonate with the right audiences.

#2 – People Value Convenience 

Another big reason customers buy stuff is to decrease their hassles and make their lives more comfortable.

Many buyers acquire new goods to help them do a task more quickly, easily, or affordably. They also do so to make their lives less unpleasant.

#3 – Security and Protection

Many of the products we buy are intended to keep us safe. All forms of insurance, including health, auto, homeowners, renters, life, pets, and others, are designed to safeguard our health and possessions. Purchases in this category help us cope with the pain of future misfortune and protect us from uncertainty.

#4 – FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Feeling the need to have the latest and greatest thing around is a compelling motivator. The fact is, FOMO is real. The fear of missing out is unpleasant and somewhat scary.

Many people purchase goods to get the benefits, rewards, and prestige other buyers have experienced. If they don’t follow, they miss out. And being left out is painful. Thus, FOMO is a remarkably potent motivator for consumers to buy.

Impulse buying may tie in, but FOMO focuses on current trends. During the time of a rapidly developing fad, customers tend to buy into the craze as a hedge against missing out. FOMO purchases give consumers a kind of immediate feeling of inclusion. Plus, they are able to showcase their new purchases and keep the FOMO going.

#5 – Identity and Belonging

Recent studies show that consumers who buy items have elements of their identity that they don’t feel good about linked to their purchase. Everybody is trying to conceal their weaknesses and compensate for them with money. As consumers work to better themselves, think about how your product and brand mission can serve them.

On the other hand, individuals who see themselves as part of a specific group are motivated to purchase items that distinguish them as brand community members. A virtually unlimited abundance of options exists for buying goods that are either unique or indicate a specific social standing.

#6 – Getting A Good Deal or Price

Many experts say that price isn’t one of the top reasons customers buy. But I personally regard this motivator as an essential driver of purchases.

Sometimes, the discount amount is enough to buy stuff that I don’t even want or need. For example, I still have dozens of pumpkin carving kits in my storage closet because they were 90% off. How will I ever use these kits? Honestly, it doesn’t matter because they were such a great deal .(haha)

#7 – We Buy Things to Make Us Happy

Many of the products we buy give us pleasure. Actually, obtaining joy might be a super motivator.

It’s hard to list the examples of products that generate satisfaction and happiness. But here are some obvious things we buy to deliver enjoyment:

  • Movies
  • Eating out
  • The latest smartphone
  • A new car
  • Furniture
  • Recreational equipment
  • Great water bottles
  • Comfy running shoes
  • New mattress
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Contacts
  • Gym bag
  • Road bikes
  • Shoes
  • Pet toys
  • Tools
  • And on, and on, and on triggered%20 mainly%20by,fear%2C%20 price%2C%20and%20 happiness.






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