Meet Us

Thanks for visiting our shop! We are excited to share our creations and spread appreciation and gratitude to others. We are Kristi and Kellie mother and daughter, co- founders of Golden Hello Company. Everyone always asks us, “how is it working together?” We love it! Kristi has a fresh perspective on what people want, a background in design and she is very practical when it comes to decision making and finances. I have a background in design, management and sales and I'm the risk taker. We both have a crazy sense of humor, so we laugh a lot! Carmelo and Harlow, her two and eight-year-old come to work with her, so I get to see my babies all the time! What nana wouldn't love that!

The next question is, how did you come up with this idea? Kristi and I talked a lot about our jobs and the toxic environments we worked in. We both had incredible careers that we loved but facing the day going into that culture was difficult and stressful. We decided to do a little research on toxic workplace culture and found that it was in fact a huge problem. We decided we needed to be the solution! So, we picked a box, it was the hottest thing going at the time. We picked the name Golden Hello because a Golden Hello bonus is used as a recruitment tool to hire talent from a competitor. It is also given because they value and appreciate their talent and want them on their team. We thought it was the perfect name.

We decided to write the message of appreciation right on the lid, while inside there is lots of fun, unique and

usable gifts. Business owners, leadership teams and professionals could give these Golden Hellos out to their employees and clients to show their appreciation and gratitude. Adding them to an employee or client appreciation program will enhance the relationship and build a meaningful connection.

Our Golden Hellos even expand past business. We have a Golden Hello for family , friends and for just about any occasion. If you don't see it, we can create it. We get to work together, use our creativity and have fun with it. We continue to spread gratitude and appreciation around the world!

With Gratitude,

Kellie & Kristi xo