Client engagement is not a one and DONE!

Client engagement is not a one and DONE!

It takes effort to build a meaningful connection with anyone. Your family members, your friends, co-workers etc.

This may be one of the greatest mismanaged efforts in a company. Why? Because  business leaders think it should just happen. They tell their HR or Marketing directors to set up a program with little to no direction.

The #1 complaint of an HR director is they do not have enough time to create and manage an effective program and do it right. Why is client engagement so critical to your company There are so many reasons. The bottom line is happy clients keep coming back and refer you for more business! If you concentrate your efforts on your clients, new business and new clients will generate from it. Just ask any successful business owner. It's no secret.

 A small token of appreciation goes a long way!

Let's chat about tokens of appreciation a bit. Where do I start????? That is a question we get asked often.

Create a gift that reflects your core values- Things that matter to a client.

Include quality products- No one wants meaningless trinkets, think about what your clients would like. A few favorites are chocolates, socks, candles, journals.

Branding- Your clients know where you work, no need for branding as this should be a true gift. If it's a company event  1-2 branded gifts  are appropriate.

Including a thoughtful message, showing appreciation is the goal. A gift serves as an opportunity to show your gratitude and to have fun with it. Maybe it's a fun night gift with a wooden popcorn bowl, old fashioned popcorn , some chocolates etc. 

The power of milestones and empathy gifts is a great way to build connections. Gift a client if they have a new baby, wedding, new home, promotion. If your client has been sick for a while or there has been a death in the family, gifting is very meaningful. At times like these a gift means more than you can imagine!

A few best practices for sending gifts to clients:

1. Understand gifting compliance, bribery laws and company policies

2. Align the gifts you send to clients with your company values

3. Consider whether your client is home, at the office, or traveling.

4. No swag ( appropriate for company events only)

5. Timing is key, especially around the holidays. Do not send a gift weeks after their birthday.

 A client engagement program is imperative in order to build a strong and loyal relationship. Gifting can transform your clients experience!

Many professionals complete a sales transaction and then may not see that client for a year or much longer. A successful business owner understands the importance of keeping their name at the top of their clients mind. When your client is ready to buy again, has concerns about something or wants to refer a friend, it will be you that they call.

These are just a few professions who do not see their clients on a daily or monthly basis once their work has been completed.

Financial Advisors


All types of construction

Tech Companies

Loan Officers

So how do you keep clients engaged?

We have a 5 step engagement program that is simple to set up and it's effective!

Call and let's chat about your client's needs.


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