Is your work culture all confetti and cake?

Is your work culture all confetti and cake?

When you walk into work do you feel the energy of a happy team that's energized? Creating and holding onto a great work culture surrounded by people you like, respect and trust is a full time job. People need to feel appreciated for what they do on a daily basis. It's not just a high five "you rock"! It's a strategy you create and follow to be effective and consistent. A powerful engagement program is worth its weight in gold!

 Did you know 88% of people leave their job because they are underappreciated. And many of them are your high performers.

Did you know on average it costs 33% of an employee's salary to replace them!

Where do we start?

Understand your team and your culture, their likes and dislikes, what drives them to a higher standard? 

What value do you want to bring to your team by investing in an engagement program?

What do you want to celebrate?

What do you want to give your employees?

Your budget?

Let's start with understanding your employees and your current work culture

Here are a few ideas:

Create a three question survey to use quarterly. Ask different targeted questions each quarter.

Ask targeted questions at your employee's evaluations

Have one on one monthly meetings with employees asking targeted questions

Follow up on your conversations

Compile your surveys, evaluations, turnover and revenue reports to review monthly with your leadership team.

All of the leadership should play a role in this employee engagement effort.

I'm no expert but I was in corporate management for 30 years and learned a few things along the way. One of them was how to build strong loyal teams with low turnover and high profits.

Is your work culture full of confetti and cake? It should be!

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