Why should I network?

Why should I network?

Networking is the way of the world today and if you do it right you will meet and build relationships with so many wonderful kind people. You will eventually earn business or receive a hot referral!

Networking is personal you learn more about the person the company and how they treat people all through a conversation.

When you build a relationship you need to show people you value their time and appreciate their insights and suggestions. If you are consistent with this you will earn trust and loyalty and isn't that what we all strive for???

When I first started to network I was scared!!!! I knew I could talk to just about anyone but to set up meetings was a little intimidating!

I was told I had to do this in order to get business. So I joined a chamber of commerce. I decided to call each member which by the way was 140 and asked them to meet for coffee. Many of them were very willing to meet and so I set up many appointments over the next few months.

When I met with others I thought, should I buy them coffee or lunch or go dutch? Well at first I did most of the buying and with no money coming in that got expensive fast! So I stopped buying, I was told it was equally as beneficial to them to meet with ME and that was so TRUE!

They asked questions like what is this meeting about or how can I help you or what's this about?? I had no answers and had to stumble it was very uncomfortable!

I asked several experienced co-workers if I could tag along on appointments with them to get experience. I also attended many training sessions and read a few books to figure this out. 

Here is what I learned:

  1. Ask for help, find someone you know who does this well and ask if you can tag along with them or you are welcome to tag along with ME!
  2. Practice answers to some basic questions
  3. Do you're homework, look at their social media and website find something or someone you may have in common.
  4. Prepare some questions to ask
  5. The conversation should be all about them, not you!
  6. They will ask about you eventually and if not they don't care about what you!

Sending a hand written thank you note or a gift is sometimes appropriate depending on the meeting.

A Golden Hello Gift is a great way to show your prospect you appreciate and value their time! It makes a great impression!

Please send in your questions or experiences ,we would love to hear from you!!!!


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