When the meeting becomes a little creepy!!!!

When the meeting becomes a little creepy!!!!

Do you ever worry about this?? I do, that's why I wanted to tell you the things that I do to stay safe!

  1. My emails or messages are professional
  2. I always meet in a public place, at a table not a booth.
  3. I would never meet a stranger out for a drink
  4. I always meet during business hours
  5. I dress professionally, business casual
  6. If the subject turns to personal questions that are not appropriate, I say that is not something I am open to talking about. I have a husband and family and start out by talking about them.
  7. If the meeting isn't going anywhere I cut it short
  8. If the emails or messages feel or seem strange in anyway do not schedule or bring someone with you.

If you have other ideas please share with us!!

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