What will our new normal be like?

What will our new normal be like?

Will our world change?

I think we will see a lot of changes that become our new normal. From the airlines to the corner store I feel most changes will be good for everyone keeping our safety and health in mind.

For me I think a new normal is so many things:

  • I will spend even more time with the ones I love
  • I will stop and contact someone I don't normally contact daily, asking how they are doing
  • I will find more creative ways to help others I will enjoy nature more than I did
  • I will do one thing I love to do each day for 30 minutes
  • I will be more cautious of germs and I will be using hand sanitizer daily
  • I love to hug people so I'm still not sure what I will do about that yet?
  • I will do more Zoom meetings and face book lives
  • I will not feel comfortable going out to crowed places for awhile
  • We will continue with our Golden Hello give back program

When it comes down to it, creating meaningful relationships throughout my life has helped me through these difficult times and I am grateful.

With gratitude,



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