What the fruit cup!!!

What the fruit cup!!!

Have you seen the commercial?????

This commercial is brilliant and great timing for kids going back to schedule! Parents are stressed enough working from home trying to adjust and now they have to help teach their kids at home during their work days!! That's were What The Fruit Cup comes into play!!!!!!!!

Making days fun and exciting is what it's all about! 

New leadership style:

Because of our new work environments, we as leaders need to create and make changes to help our teams get through these challenging times. If you haven't already started to make positive changes below are a few essential suggestions to start with:

  1. Have a meeting with your team at least once a day on a video chat. Share goals, results and shout outs for good deeds, birthdays, work anniversaries, special announcements.
  2. Meet one on one with each team member once a month. People need individual attention as well. Please remember to ask how they are feeling during this pandemic. It's at the top of everyone's mind so address it.
  3. Send out 4-6 three question surveys during the year. Keep a pulse on how your team is feeling, how leadership is doing and what ever else your initiatives are for the year.

    I hope this is helpful and I will share more suggestions in the up and coming Blogs! 

    With gratitude,



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