What is a Golden Hello???

What is a Golden Hello???

Here are some FQA:

Golden Hello definition: It is a signing bonus to attract talent into a company. Your highly valued and appreciated for the work that you do and they want you!

Why give someone a Golden Hello? It is a thoughtful unique way of showing that someone is appreciated and valued

What is in a Golden Hello? Each Golden Hello has a unique selection of eight lifestyle items, no to gift boxes are alike. They are a complete surprise! We have lots of samples on our instagram, face book and our website.

We buy from several wholesalers and carry small quantities so that we have a constant turn over of unique gifts. We buy from companies like Natural Life, Primitives By Kathy, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Watson Chocolate, All washed up soaps, Duke Cannon men's grooming products and many many more!

Do I select the items to go in the box?

No Golden Hello hand picks each item for every box

Can I customize and pick the items?

Yes, Just contact us and we can talk about items you are thinking of and we could give you a quote.

Can I buy for my team of 100 employees?

Yes we can accommodate most orders, it will depend on some factors. Please contact us so that we can talk about your order, dates etc.

Who can I give a Golden Hello to:

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Customers
  • Clients
  • Volunteers
  • Prospects
You can Surprise and Delight just about anyone in business or personal

Do you give quantity discounts?

We offer the Golden Hello club, please contact us for details.

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