Tis the Season to connect!

Tis the Season to connect!

It's time to decide:

The holiday season has arrived and it’s time to decide, giving gifts to employees?

I’m a big fan of gift giving for so many reasons!
  • Show your gratitude🎁
  • Show your appreciation 🎁
  • Show that they matter🎁
  • Show that their important 🎁
  • A gift starts to build a meaningful relationship 🎁
  • A meaningful relationship builds trust 🎁
  • Trust builds loyalty🎁
  • Loyalty builds strong partnerships🎁

How do you think this effects your bottom line???

If you do not believe gift giving is powerful, and it will change your bottom line I have a challenge for you in 2021!

Look back at 2020 and calculate how much you spent on employee food, gifts and group events. Separate into 3 columns so you know where your money is going.

Then set a budget for 2021 and decide with your leadership team on what type of appreciation do you want to show and how do you make it meaningful?

Ex: I want to give every employee a meaningful gift, cake and balloons and turn their work anniversary into a celebration!

Budget 60.00

Select your gifts a year in advance make them personalized and meaningful. That goes much further than just food or a gift card. It shows you put thought into it and you want to celebrate an important milestone with them.

How would you feel if your boss did that for you at work????????

Do you see how it can start to build a relationship and over time if your consistent it builds loyalty and all the other things I talked about up top.

Do the same with team events and buying food or treats for the team. It's a combination of consistent appreciation to your employees. It's the little things that also matter and they do not cost a dime!

At the end of 2021 compare your teams performance and overall being from last year. Compare your profit and loss from last year. Let me know if you see an improvement!

The key is to plan ahead, be consistent and have a team execute it. Need help with ideas and planning let me know!

This is what BUD TO BOSS EDITORS said:

Maybe this is your first winter in a supervisory position. In addition to worrying about meeting year-end goals, you might have the added stress of figuring out what—if anything—to give your employees for the holidays.

Some people will tell you that you don’t need to buy your employees gifts (or that you shouldn’t), and while I do think that’s your prerogative, I’m a big fan of gift-giving. If you need some help with it, just let us know!

    • Consider the precedent you’re setting. If you spend $50 per employee this year, but then scale back to $20 next year, someone on your staff will notice. If you buy gifts this year but don’t in the future, lots of people will notice. Don’t become so swept up in the holiday spirit that you go overboard. Set a reasonable budget and stick to it.
    • Avoid showing favoritism. When you find something that’s just perfect for one of your employees, it’s tempting to buy unique gifts for each person. Don’t do it. It’s too difficult to match each gift in monetary value and thoughtfulness. Someone will be offended. One exception: If you have a personal assistant, it’s appropriate to give him or her a special gift.
    • Most people like consumables. While not everyone will be thrilled with receiving another trinket or knickknack, it’s a safe bet that everyone will be happy with something that can be eaten, spent or otherwise used up. Examples: Give employees gift cards to a local movie theater, with a note encouraging them to spend an evening out with their loved ones. Or give them a gift bag with a gourmet treat or two.
    • Charitable gifts are also usually safe. Both you and your employees will feel good if you make a donation in their names. Choose a nonprofit that serves your community or that speaks to you personally.

As you can see I do not agree with all that was said here, but wanted to share others opinions.

Bye for now!

With Gratitude,


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