The steps I take when asked to go to a networking event!

The steps I take when asked to go to a networking event!

One of my target markets is realtors, so I called GRAR asking to hold a presentation for a group of realtors. The very nice woman who I spoke with said they really didn't do that but they were holding a networking even at the Double Tree Hotel 3/10/20. The cost was 250.00 to be a vendor or free to attend. So I thought about the guests who would attend:

Loan Officers

All great prospects for me, I also thought about the cost:

I could sell 6 gifts and make my money back and meet a lot of great contacts! This was a no brainer ,so of coarse I signed up!

The event was really nice, very organized and well done. I met so many great people! I connected with the Women's Council of Realtors which I had never heard of before. They have been around for years! I spoke with Mary Beth and she thought I would be a great fit for the group. We are going to meet so I can learn more about the specifics.


The Golden Hellos were a huge hit and I met a lot of great contacts!

I hope this was helpful.


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