Starting a Podcast?

Starting a Podcast?

This was not an easy task for us!

During the pandemic our coach suggested we start a Blog. My initial thought was OMG another thing to add to our never ending list! After he explained the reasons to create a blog it made sense. For us it was another channel to get our brand out their and share what we have learned and experienced, building meaningful connections through networking. We were not planning to make a million dollar Blog, that's a whole other business. By the way I read the book Million dollar Blog!

We decided to move forward but first had to figure out a few things.
  1. What was it going to be about?
  2. Title?
  3. Possible song and feel?
  4. People that we would ask to interview that would be a good fit?
  5. Some standard interview questions?
  6. What equipment did we need?
  7. How to use a Podcast App to launch?
  8. What date will we launch
  9. Cost to get started


Then I started listening to several different Podcasts other than my favorites. I listened to their first episode and their most recent. I learned it takes time to feel and sound comfortable and confident and that everyone has their own style just like everything else!

Meaningful Connections:

This is where our connections come into play! We have worked very hard over the years and are blessed to have built so many wonderful meaningful relationships. We have to select guest speakers who we feel fit into what our Podcast is all about. They have inspiring stories and would bring value to our listeners. They are from many different backgrounds, some are business owners, some are business professionals. We try to shake it up, you will hear from Kristi and I as well!

After recording was over:

Interviewing was probably the easiest part for us. But it is differently grass roots! Getting the podcast edited and on specific channels is a whole other story. We ended up hiring someone to do this for us because we just don't have the time or know how to do it efficiently. It's not something we want to learn either! David Mammano has been doing Podcasts for almost four years and has been very gracious on giving us tips and contacts to help us along the way. A BIG THANK YOU TO DAVID MAMMANO!


We are very excited to launch our Podcast 7/3/2020!!!! it airs every other Friday and it is 20 -30 mins We have a great line up of guest speakers and can't wait for you to listen!

Let us know what you think, we appreciate your feedback!

With gratitude,


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