Start your own Group!

Start your own Group!
Why not? We did!

I was invited to a women's group a few years ago. I had gone 3 times, met with a few people in the group, did my homework and decided to join! Well there was some drama brewing in the group between a few people and the founder decided to dissolve the group.

Several of us really enjoyed the group and wanted to continue. We still met monthly with the purpose of really getting to know each other better. After about 8 months we felt confident that we could build this group together and bring value to other women. We then developed a new name , agenda, membership form, rules, our mission and values. We wanted the group to grow to 20 max and to be a mix of BNI and Mastermind with no fee's!

The group now called Get it!!

Get it means: Growth, Empowerment, Tenacity, Integrity and Trust. Founded by five women who posses these qualities!

We then held a cocktail hour at a Restaurant and we each invited 5 women who we felt had these same quality's.

We selected 7 women from the 14 that came.

We now have 12 wonderful women who share their experiences, personal stories and referrals. It's a safe place to show your true feelings and ask for help without feeling weak or ashamed.

It's been a great experience and we all need support!

If you need more info please contact me!

Kellie xo

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