Shout it out!

Shout it out!

I value and appreciate you!!!

Tower Watson survey: Employees want to feel that their managers truly care about their interests and well being.

Abbasi and Hollman state: Labor turnover is one of the most significant causes of declining productivity and sagging morale in both the public and private sectors.

Highly qualified, honest, ethical employees are the first to leave a company

88% of employees leave their job for reasons other than money, not feeling valued and loss of trust with their management team are top reasons.

Gallop report states: 70% of employees say they never receive any kind of praise or recognition for a job well done.

People retain people:

I am not shocked by these and many other stats I read. I have experienced this first hand in many jobs that I have had in the past. It's the everyday little things that matter to people.

Yes the raises are great, the slides and pool tables that you see in offices are fun. But it's not the #1 reason that retains people. People retain people, everything else is the icing on top!

Golden Hello:

That's why we created a Golden Hello gift. We wanted an easy effective way to help managers to show their employees that they are valued and appreciated. By giving a gift with the message on the lid, the Golden Hello feels personalized and thoughtful. No two gifts are alike so a manger can give them out for many different occasions.

We also help leadership teams create a strategy for the year so they are consistent and fair with their teams.

Managers are excited to give them out and employees feel they are a meaningful and thoughtful gift when received.

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