Shop Local!

Shop Local!

Let's support our local businesses:

I have been really trying to shop local, I feel it's so important for our community and economy! These small businesses need our help in keeping them open!

Need Flowers and Veggies? Go to our family owned farm markets, they are all over the county.

Need to relax? Go to a yoga class , mediation or get a massage. There are a lot of small businesses in the area that offer these services.

Stop and get your fresh meats and seafood at the family owned markets before hitting the chain grocery store.

Stop at your local hardware store before going to Home Depot.

Ordering food or coffee to go? Think about the locally owned restaurants before stopping at a chain restaurant.

It maybe an extra stop but its worth it! Your helping out your community!


I know first hand how this is effecting peoples lives. My daughter has owned and operated her own art studio for 12 years. She has worked hard to build a wonderful clientele. Everyday she struggles trying to create ways to pivot and still serve the community in an artful way yet survive. The Struggle of staying positive and energized has taken a toll on her. I think the hardest part is fear of the unknown. Because you can't plan until you get the rules and facts and things change on a daily basis, We don't know what the future will hold.

Social Media:

When you shop at a local business give them a shout out on social media! This will help build connections and awareness of their business and the owners will greatly appreciate it!!!

So shop local!!!

With Gratitude,


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