NO work NO reward!

NO work NO reward!

Be honest with yourself:

I am finding that people who own small businesses are complaining why they have no business!!! Is it really because of the pandemic? Did you take your foot off the gas and just did nothing theses past several months??? No work, no reward that's just how it goes!

I will admit it is a more challenging market out there because of the economy, but an entrepreneur is made like no other ,we thrive on a challenge and when the going gets tough we get tougher! We don't fold without a fight!!! We are not designed to fail!!

When this virus hit and we were ordered to shut down our businesses ,the first thing Kristi and I said is well we have to cut back so where do we start? Our business coach? Looking back, what a dumb idea that would of been!!!

When we called Eric our coach to tell him he said "no way! I will not let that happen, you are doing way to good to stop now" I will coach you for free until you can pay me again.Well thank god for Eric!! We have had some of our best months because of the strategies he had taught us.

A strong relationship is powerful:

We have been building a meaningful relationship with Eric for the past 3 months, he new we were very passionate about Golden Hello and that we were all in. We had built trust and respect for each other. We new he believed in us as we believed in him and his ability to help us grow. The power of a meaningful relationship lead us to make the decision to keep him on.

Side note:

We were very nervous about adding on an expense of a business coach, but if you find the right one, they are worth their weight in gold! If your serious about growing your business and are in it for the long haul we would highly suggest a coach sooner than later. I will tell you what are process was to find the perfect fit for us in a future blog.

Sharing a few things we have learned to be true! You must keep your name in front of your audience consistently in as many ways as you can Don't take your foot off the gas, people forget fast!! There are a ton of free tools out there, use them up first before paying for them.

With gratitude,


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