Next steps after an event?

Next steps after an event?

Now what?

After the GRAR vendor show, I had gathered over 100 cards and needed to connect with each and every person within the next few days!

First I added them to my CRM and sent a short email thanking them for stopping by our Golden Hello table. I also asked them to check out our website and added our link.

I invited them to join our LinkedIn and Facebook page as well. I received several responses right away and set up some phone meetings. I also scheduled a followup email to those who did not respond. 

Keeping in touch

Follow up is the key to any budding relationship. Looking through social media everyday, see what your followers are up to.

If you notice on their page they have had a turn of events such as a promotion, new job, baby etc. acknowledge with a message.

If you have made several attempts to reach them and their is no response you have a few choices.
  1. Take them off your list
  2. Schedule to call them in 6 months
  3. Send them a memorable gift.
Stand out from your competition! It doesn't have to be expensive and it's not for everyone who doesn't get back to you. Only those who you really feel strongly that you can bring the most value to.

Building a relationship

It's like building a house, you have to start with a firm foundation which takes time to pour and dry. Then you frame the house and start your HVAC, Plumbing and Electric. Once you are confident and trust the structure you can then start to create the rooms with the finishing. A house takes 4 months to one year to build depending on the size and finishes. This is the same for building a strong relationship. It doesn't happen over night!

I hope this was helpful, let me know under comments!



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