Meaningful relationship with dad

Meaningful relationship with dad

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My dad and I were as close as could be in his eyes. He was a very hard worker and provided for our family of eight. We grew up in a beautiful well kept home. We all ate dinner together every night and as we grew older we were not allowed to go out on Sundays because it was family day, the only day my dad was off. He taught us to be respectful and to work hard and to always have a few streams of income so your not stuck learning only one job in life, like he was.

I have fond memories of us working together in the garden and cooking pancakes on Sunday mornings. As we all left home one by one they replaced us with dogs! As a lot of older people do, and they spoiled them rotten!!

After proof reading this, It would seem like I knew my dad well. But I never quite new what he was thinking and honestly I felt I never quite new my dad.

I feel like there was never a real meaningful connection with us. I only new what he wanted me to know, he avoided everything else. To me a meaningful connection is sharing true feelings and talking about everything good and bad and experiencing life together and not having to be perfect around other people and scared that your not.

I am not blaming my dad at all, that's how he grew up. I cherish the time we had together. I guess I see the way my husband and girls are with each other. They have such a deep respect and love for each other. And they show it and say it in so many ways. Meaningful relationships are so precious.

I wish I had that with my dad.

Happy Father's Day dad I love you!

With gratitude,


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