Let's talk about the purpose of a meeting!

Let's talk about the purpose of a meeting!
Purpose of a meeting?

For me the purpose of a meeting is to really learn more about someones business, personality, body language, interests, hobbies, home life etc. You can't get all this stuff from their website!

You may really click in personalities and find out that you can be a great resource for each other and brainstorm on how to get each other good introductions!

If you are looking for the services that they offer put them to the test and ask to meet again to talk business. When you meet again and you like what they are offering ask for a proposal.

Be specific on what you are looking to accomplish. Give a budget and time frame. Then put the ball in their court and see what happens. If they come back in a timely manner with a detailed proposal, manageable budget and a reasonable time frame, then you may have found yourself a great person to fill your need.

If they take weeks and then come back with a detailed proposal and didn't listen to a word you said about budget and what you wanted to accomplish then this isn't who your looking for.

I have met so many great gems in Rochester. I have formed great relationships and resources for myself , my colleagues and customers. It's worth my time!

Keep on networking!!!


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