Let's get our sales Teams excited!

Let's get our sales Teams excited!

It's exhausting to constantly think of ways to motivate a sales team!

I know I did it for over 20 years!

Yes you can hold sales contests, post sales results or recognize the top performer at a meeting. Those are all great ideas, but only motivating for a short time.

I have found that helping our sales team by giving them tools to attract the prospects that they want to partner with is very motivating . It shows you care about them as an individual and their success. Everyone is different so everyone may want to use different tools.

I also learned that working with each team member as an individual builds that meaningful connection. And I also learned that what works for one doesn't necessarily work for all.


Creating a team or creating bad feelings!

I have always seen managers pit sales reps against one another. They thought that was motivating!!!! I have experienced that and I am here to tell you it does not motivate a sales team. It just discredits the manager and causes bad feelings. No one wins when only a few people out of a sales team make their numbers.


Tracking the tools used:

I would ask the sales person to track their results with the tools and the plan implemented. We would review every month for 1 year and then decide if we should continue on that same path.

We suggest trying a Golden Hello Let's Connect gift box! A Let's Connect gift shows that prospect you really want to meet them and that you will go above and beyond. After they open the Golden Hello and see the fun and unique gifts they will really be impressed! Try it for one year and see how your sales soar!

Keep me in the loop on how it's going!