Let's be honest!

Let's be honest!

What works and what doesn't work?

Working in the corporate world for many years I have worked in many cultures, where there is obvious favoritism, hostile environments , "boys clubs", inappropriate relationships and on and on.

Leaders please go back and look at your office culture with open eyes and really see what is going on.

Do you mostly pick sports events for team building?

Do you choose to celebrate some birthdays and not everyone's birthday?

Are you giving out empty high fives?

Do you hang out with the same group of male employees at work?

Do you talk bad about your employees to your other employees?

Do you buy some of your staffs children's gifts and give them out at work for everyone to see and not everyone's children's?

Do you acknowledge some employees and not others?

In my next Blog I will give suggestions on how to make each of these more meaningful in a good way! You would be surprised how fast you can start to build a meaningful relationship with your team!!

Kellie xoxo

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