It's your birthday and no one cares:((

It's your birthday and no one cares:((


They are a very important part of our lives, it's the day you were born and everyone should celebrate it!!! At least that is what we think!

As a leader, business owner or professional you should make your teams birthdays a priority. It is a huge milestone for everyone to celebrate. We made it another year on this earth !

How can we make it special?

If your team is working from home it's even more important to make them feel thought of and special! Food or flowers are great and mean something for a minute, add a meaningful gift and it becomes memorable! It doesn't have to cost a lot of money. A personalized gift is always thoughtful and memorable. 

A few ideas:

  1. Look at their social media and copy a photo of their family, dog, kids, last vacation or a celebration they had. Copy and place in a nice frame or make a reStickity, wrap that along with a cupcake. (
  2. Buy something of interest to them and have it engraved with their name on it. Keychain, name plate, trinket dish, cooking utensil, mug etc. wrap it along with a cake.
  3. If they work in the office always decorate their space with balloons and large confetti! It's not a celebration without balloons!
  4. A Happy Birthday Golden Hello is a great way to celebrate with 8 unique gifts inside the Happy Birthday box. It's personalized and fun and no two are alike. Bring that along with a small cookie cake and your employee will feel so special! (


Team member may work from home so either have it delivered or gather some team members together and drive over and give it to them in person. Even better!!!

How would you feel if a group of people from work had balloons a cake and gift for your birthday??? pretty special I bet!

Most people go crazy making their children's birthdays special. That is what we should be doing for our employees! We see them more than our families and want to build a meaningful connection, this is just another step in doing just that.

Your leadership team should designate a small group of people that are only responsible for employee appreciation events and gift. They do not have to be members of management. Staying consistent and fair is the key to success in building relationships that are meaningful and loyal.

And guess what? your bottom line will increase year after year with a successful employee appreciation program.

More on this in later Blogs!

I hope this was helpful!!!

With gratitude,


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