It's time to reconnect!

It's time to reconnect!

Let's Connect!

It feels like a lifetime since we have been out to a meeting at a coffee shop or out to lunch with a client or colleague. I really miss that!

Well it's time to start our attempts to connect. Those prospects that you had been trying to reach before RONA, are still out there!

How can we be more effective in our approach?

Our time is valuable so it's extremely important to use it wisely when trying to reach new prospects. Everyone has there own take on when you should contact them, how to contact them, how many times should I contact them???????

I say each person is different, there are no set rules that bring results. I do know that I am comfortable being consistent and persistent and that it brings me results. Someone once told me, do not be a professional coffee drinker, another words do not just go to coffee, meet people and then never follow up.


We all have a handful of people in our pipeline that never respond, but we feel we could provide them with great value if we could only get in front of them. Do you delete them NEVER!

Emails, calls, social media messaging, sending cards, the same old thing everyone does! There has got to be a better way!


I talk with many business owners and professionals about this very topic. We toss around ideas and it doesn't go anywhere because of time and money.

Kristi and I saw the problem and came up with a solution. A Let's Connect Golden Hello Gift box!

It's designed to give to those prospects in your pipeline that would be the ideal client if you could just get in front of them!

We have tested with a few other companies as well as our own and as of today about 90% will respond to you and about 50% will partner with you!

Imagine you getting a package delivered and the box top reads Let's Connect! You read the tag and realize that the name on the tag sounds familiar ( because you have called them 100 times over the past year!) I would be impressed that this person sent me a gift , my first impression is they must really want to meet me and they go the extra mile! Once they open the box to see the eight thoughtful, fun items they will really be impressed with you!

Remember to add a message with your gift before you send it off. Once the gift has been delivered be sure to follow up by end of the week if you do not hear from them.

Ask yourself can you afford not to send a Let's Connect?

To see all of our Golden Hellos go to:

Until next time:)



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