I am grateful to meet such great people!

I am grateful to meet such great people!

Meeting greet people!

We feel very fortunate that so many great people come into our lives!

True Story:

We had someone send an email through our website asking for more information. I emailed him back immediately of coarse and offered to set up a phone call. He was happy to do so and also asked if he could invite a colleague. Of coarse the more the merrier!

He works for a company which hires out HR services and wanted to understand our business a little better. He said he is often asked the big question??? How do we show appreciation to our employees that is unique and different yet personal?

I explained in detail what we do and the results from what we do are this- We help to build better connections which helps build a better culture, which helps with employee retention. All through our unique Golden Hellos!

He asked if he could write an article about Golden Hello for their company newsletter. He wanted their clients to know that Golden Hello would be a great option.

We were so grateful that he would take the time to write this wonderful article with photos!

He also wanted me to come over to his office to meet with their HR rep and bring some samples, which we did. We had a great meeting!

How unbelievable and just from a simple email!

We certainly wanted to do something to show our appreciation and gratitude for all he has done. We added an article about their business to our newsletter and we sent him a Golden Hello gift. Can't wait until he receives it today! We know he will be surprised and delighted!


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