How do we show value and appreciation to a stranger?

How do we show value and appreciation to a stranger?
It’s our first big meeting!
  1. Practice answers to basic questions
  2. Review their social media and website to find subjects and people in common.
  3. Written down two or three questions to ask them
  4. Dress professionally (business casual)
  5. Confirm appointment the day before make sure to exchange cell numbers
  6. Bring a pen and paper to take notes
  7. Be their a few minutes early to get settled. If your going to be late and things do happen! Send them a text or call, do not let them sit there wondering!

Respect the time that they blocked out of their day for you. You never know what will come out of a meeting, so stay open-minded. It’s easy to stereotype, wipe any thoughts out of your mind. Everyone has something to offer you and you have something to offer them.

The meeting should be all about them, let them do all the talking. Ask your questions: EX.tell me about your company, your job specifically, your family, what do you do for fun etc. Ask about the people you may have found in common. Find a connection and then it becomes easy!

I could talk about this subject for months so let's take it slow and we will continue this in a future Blog!!!!

Keep on networking!!!!!!

x o

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