HIRE or FIRE both are hard to do!!!!

HIRE or FIRE both are hard to do!!!!


I have had over 30 years of past experience managing people. I have learned many lessons along the way and have made many bad decisions. But it has made me the person I am today and I am grateful for that journey. One thing I have learned that is really helpful for me is that networking and getting to know someone really answers so many questions that you might ask in an hour interview. But meeting someone out and having coffee or lunch is a more relaxed atmosphere and everyone is able to be more themselves vs in an office setting.

Recruiters understand what it takes to hire the right people. But we are not all recruiters so how do you find that right person for the job.

Hiring our coach:

Kristi and I decided we were ready to hire a coach for a few reasons. 

  1. We were ready to start to scale our business
  2. We needed to make sure our foundation was in place and strong
  3. We needed accountability


Our criteria of a good coach for us was:

  1. Understands and believes in what we do
  2. Our personalities would have to click
  3. We shared the same values
  4. Resume of experience


As I was attending networking events I would specifically look for business coaches and talk with them I went to a few seminars and heard coaches speak I made contacts on LinkedIn I talked with people I new that were business coaches I talked with people who had business coaches and asked about their experiences and they gave me advice.

We spent over a year before we made a decision! Not gonna lie we were scared to make the commitment also because of the added expense.

I met with about 7 coaches for coffee or lunch or on Zoom and their were 2 that were real possibilities

Then I got a LI message from Eric Scheele , his message to me was a very simple which caught my attention. As always I replied and we sent a few messages back and forth and he asked if we could meet. The first time we met over the phone. What impressed me about Eric was that he did his homework, he new what we did and why we did it from looking at our website. By the way most people I met did not know anything about us when we met.

We had a great conversation and set up time to meet in person. What impressed me the second time was that he was a great listener, probably the best that I had experienced. After that meeting I talked with Kristi and we met him together two more times.

During that time we had met with 2 other coaches that were in the running and we really liked all 3 They all had their strengths, but we checked most of our boxes with Eric.

We hired him and he started in January 2020 and he has been more than helpful, very intelligent, very creative, very excited about Golden Hello and our future.

A Great coach gets you as far as he know's how and then sets you free to move on to other coach who can get you to the next level .

PS: When hiring anyone for your business always make it clear that it is a 30 day trail period, Or assign them a project and see how they do. That way if it doesn't work out, it doesn't feel like your firing them. The shorter the trail period the easier it is to say goodbye and leave it on a good note.

I hope this was helpful!!


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