Don't Run Away!!

Don't Run Away!!

Don't Run away when it seems to hard!

Have you ever been asked to do something that may benefit you? But after looking at what’s required your immediate instinct is to say hell no! I can’t do that or I don’t have time!

Do what?

I was asked to apply to speak at Disrupt HR, an organization that holds these unique events all over the United States.
Kristi my business partner and daughter talked me into it! She said mom it’s great exposure for our business, you can do this.

Prep work?

It was 6 weeks of writing a presentation , 20 slide power point , practicing at least 100 times, talking with a coach on Zoom and finding an outfit to wear. Talk about stress!!!!!It was well worth it!

What did I get out of it?

I met such wonderful people, learned a lot about myself, and met great contacts! I never thought I could memorize a 5 min presentation and recite it for 200 people!

Get out of your comfort zone!!!! I felt empowered and it really boosted my confidence.



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