Don't be the downer in the group!

Don't be the downer in the group!

Sick of negativity:

We all do it one time or another, we complain and bitch about family, friends, our boss, our spouse etc. But it seems to have become a trend in our changing world as it is today. It seems like every conversation is about the negative effects of corona. And I know that's at the top of everyone's mind especially if you or a loved one has been ill or worse from it.

Let's turn this around:

Let's talk about what positive experiences are coming out of these last few months! We all have them, so let's share. I know for us, my husband has been busier than ever with his landscaping business. We have been able to spend some real quality time with our family, we have been able to get through projects in our house. Kristi and I have been able to focus on getting our podcast up and running along with a few smaller projects. And we are planning for a move into our new space this fall!

We decided to ask friends to turn on their video camera's and share their experiences or acts of kindness that they have seen. We are asking you to do the same! Send them to us and we will post them on our social media.

There is always good that comes out of a bad situation. If you haven't read the book The Secret I highly recommend it. It's talks about the power of your thoughts that lines up with the universes and it's so true! I read it 11 times!!

With gratitude,



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