Do you walk around your office like this?

Do you walk around your office like this?

Do you think your workplace is all confetti and cake?

You walk into work thinking everything is great. Everyone is happy, no complaints from employees, turnover has been good. You're thinking we are just one big happy family! Being a business owner is easy!

Think again, you have to keep a close pulse on your team 24 -7. Or before you know it your top five employees leave all within 6 months! Statistic's show that 88% of people leave their job because they do not feel appreciated, And it is usually your top performers.

People need to feel appreciated and they need to know why they are appreciated often. There are so many ways you can do this without breaking the bank. There is plenty of information and books you can read to come up with a plan of action for 2021. Don't get caught in the cycle of turnover, It's costly and a terrible place to be. Even worse it's bad for morale!!!

What are you thinking?

If you think people make a great living and will never leave you, Think again!!! People will sacrifice income to be happy, treated fairly and respected.

There are companies just waiting for you to make a wrong move and in a lot of cases they welcome your employee with open arms!! If they are your top people they have probably been talking with leadership at another company and building rapport already.

Do you think your workplace is all confetti and cake?

If your workplace is not all confetti and cake it should be!!! Celebrating your employees milestones such as birthdays ,Work anniversaries, New home, Promotions, New baby. These are all important dates to remember and should be celebrated , Especially now more than ever! When your employee is out sick for more than a few days do you call or send them a thinking of you note or gift?

These are just a few meaningful steps to take in building a trusting relationship. Get creative try it and track it for a year and see what happens!

Tracking your progress:

How do you do that? Below are a few basics
  • Easy to create 4-6 surveys per year with 3 targeted questions.
  • Employee Evaluations is a great time to ask targeted questions
  • One on one monthly meetings is a great time to ask targeted questions


Compile your survey, evaluation and meeting notes along with your turnover and revenue reports and review your results!

Obviously this has to be a team effort with your leadership team, Who should all play a part in your efforts to promote employee appreciation.

I am no expert, but I have had my share of management experience and have also had my share of corporate culture issues.

Let me know if you're putting together a plan and would like us to look at it with you!

With gratitude,



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