Do you have a crew?

Do you have a crew?

What's a crew?

Do you have a team of professionals that have your same values and treat their clients the way you treat yours? They will go above and beyond for others and are very professional and knowledgeable in their field?

In our personal lives we have a crew: I Have our primary care doctor, attorney, dentist,dermatologist, accountant, realtor, contractor, electrician, financial advisor, Insurance person, Jeweler etc.These are people I do business with and who I trust and I would refer them to others because they have done a great job for me.

Sometimes you may have a few people in each profession that you find have the qualities your looking for. That's even better because when you refer a professional to your client, friend etc. you want to be able to match up their personalities.

Networking events:

That's were networking comes in! You will find many different professionals at these events. Chambers, Rotary clubs, BNI groups and many other groups will have members listed on their websites so you could review the list before joining to see what professionals are members. (Our previous Blogs talk about how I meet people and how I select a group)

Meaningful connection:

Part of my service is listening to my clients and understanding their needs and wants. I like to get to know them personally. As our relationship grows if a need comes up that I personally can't help with I maybe able to connect them with other professional who can help them. I feel that building a meaningful connection can help so many people in so many ways.

Get yourself a crew!

With gratitude,


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