Are you feeling disconnected???

Are you feeling disconnected???

I wanted to share what a meaningful relationship means to me!

I feel that a relationship starts from a seed and you have to water it ,give it sunlight and constantly pull out the weeds around it. Eventually it will grow with time and attention. It can grow into this beautiful everlasting tree if you want it to.

What happens if you plant it and walk away? It will just die out.

It's a simple concept, but it's not always practiced.

What can I do to help build a meaningful relationship right now in these challenging times? These are the things I do.

Communication with family and friends:

Communication is the key! call, text, email, video chat, send a card in the mail, drive to their house and chat outside or from your car window, remembering birthdays, anniversaries etc or a just because gift goes a very long way. Keep it honest and keep it real. It will also help you to know if someone needs that extra love right now!

Communication with clients and prospects:

Are you feeling disconnected to your clients or prospects that you have been talking with before the world turned upside down!! If you do not have a plan in place already , please start one monthly: Via newsletter, phone call, sending a just because gift or milestone gift, holiday cards, send a note card Do not stop now they need to hear from you! You will need to change your message, but they do want to hear from you!

If you need suggestions in setting up a monthly communication stream to your clients and prospects, just let me know!!

Stay safe,



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