About Us

Sharing Positive Thoughts from Our Experiences ...

The co-owner mother and daughter team of Kellie and Kristi Wright are energized by their Golden Hello initiative because of their own past work experiences, some of which we have all shared. Kellie and Kristi create unique Golden Hello gifts to help companies across the United States show appreciation toward their employees, clients, family and friends!

The daily work “grind” can often leave employees with a sense of being overloaded or underappreciated. A feeling of being unhappy can easily set in and take over productivity and life. A Golden Hello gift helps to add value to relationships.

Being highly creative, Kellie and Kristi think “outside of the box.” They have a passion for art and creating new designs. Plus, they have backgrounds in sales, management, training and finances.

They also take pride in their devotion to networking. Kellie and Kristi reap enjoyment from sharing their business and learning about companies and the people who lead these organizations.

Kellie and Kristi love going to work everyday and creating innovative ways to help people feel valued and appreciated. We strive to make the world a happier place!

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